Rainbow - przedszkole niepubliczne Kraków

Teresa Lipinski

Sending your child to pre-school for the first time is a very emotional time....especially for the parents! The staff at Rainbow helped us on our new journey by always showing great understanding and sensitivity towards us and our daughter. We felt thoroughly supported and our little girl was nurtured, safe and well looked after, which gave us enormous peace of mind.


Our daughter's year at Rainbow was one filled with lots of joy and exciting adventures. With trips to the Philharmonic and theatre, pottery classes and trips out to the park, the year was packed full of exciting new experiences. Our little one was able to learn Polish from her friends and teachers, and also felt able to express herself in her mother tongue (English), which her teachers made a great effort to speak with her. This contributed greatly to her feeling settled in and at home at pre-school.


Rainbow is an inclusive pre-school and endeavours to appreciate and celebrate the individuality of the children who attend. This makes for a colourful, tolerant and stimulating environment, in which the children are able to thrive and learn respect and acceptance of others. In the world today this is very precious.


Teresa Lipinski


8 June 2018