Rainbow - przedszkole niepubliczne Kraków

Sinead Kelly

My Time With Rainbow


The time I spent in Rainbow Kindergarten will remain an invaluable experience with me throughout my life. Coming from Ireland I came to Rainbow to teach about my culture for a brief two weeks, I found that it was indeed me that learnt more from Basia and her wonderful team!


Staff are the likes I have never come across before. Professionally they offer the highest level of education to the children, but personally they are the friendliest and most loving of people. They have created an environment whereby children are completely at ease, making their learning a fun activity.


Never a dull moment is had at Rainbow from my experience; activities are frequent, combining the fun and educational. Of particular attention I should give to the way teachers use English in activities, especially song and games. I genuinely found that the children at Rainbow had a far higher standard of English than the other kindergartens I spent time in, in Poland because they were learning in a fun way.


Honestly, I did not want to leave Rainbow. The staff and the children welcomed me like they do all, with open arms! I feel that it’s long history, teachers with years of experience and the family feel place it miles above the rest.


Exciting, fun, joyful; my time at Rainbow Kindergarten will forever stay with me and I will be taking the many lessons I learnt there with me. But most importantly I will be taking my fabulous memories! Thanks for everything J


21 July 2014