Rainbow - przedszkole niepubliczne Kraków

Hilal and Mesut Altun

After spending 20 months at Rainbow he started school and his grades from school confirm that he was ready for school. Rainbow prepared our son – who started as a total stranger, academically, socially and culturally – to school very well. More important he had something exciting to tell everyday: “we went to see the dinosaurs, we made pizzas, we had a costume party, we built castle, there was a puppet show, we made experiments, we played instruments...”


It’s difficult to express with words our gratitude to Ms. Ola, Ms. Barbara, Mr. Paweł, Ms. Ewa, and all the teachers at Rainbow. We were very lucky to find Rainbow and to get to know all those nice people; not only the teachers but also the kids and the families we met thanks to Rainbow.


We know that our son will always remember Rainbow with teachers, friends, atmosphere and activities, parties, fun picnics, trips, museums, theatres, concerts, etc... as the most lovely school.


Hilal and Mesut Altun


Krakow, 30 January 2015