Rainbow - przedszkole niepubliczne Kraków

Daily schedule

Rainbow Preschool is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

• In the morning, when the children first arrive at Rainbow, they have time to play. It is the time when they construct high towers from building blocks, arrange car racetracks, impersonate favourite characters from fairy tales, imitate animals, play at pretending to be a family or a school. If they wish they can also complete puzzles, play board games, draw pictures or make plasticine figures.

• The first hour is also devoted to working with children who have specific educational needs. A teacher or a psychologist works with the children individually or in small groups.

• After morning play it is time for tidying up and physical exercise.

• When all the children have finally arrived at the preschool, they have a morning welcome, where they greet one another and start their “journey” into a world full of interesting and unusual adventures.

The daily schedule allows our teachers to carry out the obligatory educational programme (transferring the knowledge the pupils should acquire as well as shaping suitable attitudes and skills).

• Through play and games, art, music, movement and dance, the children gain knowledge about the world, learn how to behave in a social context, learn about personal hygiene and how to take care of themselves. They discover their own value and abilities, and become more and more independent. They develop their musical and artistic talents, learn to swim, and during sport activities, they learn fair play.

• Children get to know the world through experience. Depending on the theme of activities, they experience various weather conditions, the smell of the air, baking cookies, preparing vegetable salad, decorating a Christmas tree, sending a letter at the post office, or going on trips outside Kraków with a group of friends. Experiencing various things and situations is the most effective and complete way of learning, which becomes deeply embedded in their memories.

• The English language is present at Rainbow everyday either during separate classes or in the form of functional phrases and expressions which are regularly used throughout the day.

• Through everyday activities in the preschool, children participate in cultural life, they learn good manners, and regularly go to the theatre or the Krakow Philharmonic Hall.

• During the day there is also time for a second breakfast and lunch, as well as time for relaxation. Children listen to classical music or fairy tales read to them by their teacher.

• After a rest, the children return from their “journeys” and reflect on their day, talk about what has happened, what they have learned, and what was especially important for them. They talk about their experiences and feelings, and then they have time for free play according to their own needs and interests.