Rainbow - przedszkole niepubliczne Kraków


At Rainbow Preschool we believe that it is not only children who learn from adults, but also adults can learn a lot from children. We, the teachers, have this wonderful experience every day. Working with children brings back memories from our own childhood and this helps us to better understand the complicated world of each child.

We always choose educational programs with children in mind. We believe that children learn best through play, but that this play should be skillfully directed. Our teachers make the most of the natural curiosity of children and open the world for them: transfer knowledge, teach principles and rules of behaviour, try to nurture a sensitivity towards other human beings, build their feelings of self-worth and self-confidence and lead them to self-reliance.

Rainbow Preschool implements the curriculum specified in the regulations issued by the Polish Minister of National Education on 23 December 2008. These regulations determine the scope of knowledge and skills the children should acquire, and describe the attitudes that a preschool should shape in children.

In the school year 2015/16 the curriculum is being fulfilled with the help of the programme “Nasze Przedszkole. Program edukacji przedszkolnej wspomagający rozwój aktywności dzieci” (“Our Preschool. The Program of Preschool Education Supporting Development of Child Activity”) by Małgorzata Kwaśniewska and Wiesława Żaba-Żabińska.

Rainbow Preschool also offers wonderful adventures with the English language. English is present everyday in plays, songs, nursery rhymes or arranged situations. Children have classes with native speakers three times a week, and during these classes they learn to speak freely and acquire the melody and proper pronunciation of the language. For the last twenty years we have developed our own methods of teaching, but we use also the MacMillan programme by Joanna Zarańska and Magdalena Appel.

At Rainbow Preschool we also have special developmental classes based on the method developed by Professor Jagoda Cieszyńska. This method supports language development in children and prepares them for learning to read. In recent years, it has gained wider and wider recognition, and may be used in groups or in individual therapy.

Moreover, we offer children an opportunity to participate in various extra classes, such as movement and dance classes or pottery workshops. For those interested, we organize trips to the swimming pool, where under the supervision of trained instructors, the children learn to swim.

Classes developing children’s interests:

Monday – dance classes (AS School of Dance)
Tuesday – movement and rhythm classes
Wednesday – pottery workshops, twice a month
Thursday – swimming lessons at the swimming-pool on Szuwarowa Str.
Friday – is often a day of surprises: theatre, concert hall, excursions, guests.