Rainbow - przedszkole niepubliczne Kraków

Chien-Pang Yang & Ching-Wen Ko

Two years ago, we arrived in Kraków which is a city 8,600 kilometers away from our home country, Taiwan. For sure, a young couple with two small kids may have many concerns when relocating to a place so far away. One of my big concerns was my son’s preschool. He was a small boy age of three and half, only spoke Mandarin and understood a few English words. Fortunately, we found Rainbow on the internet, and met the president, Barbara. This is how our wonderful experience began.


We did visit several kindergartens in Kraków, Rainbow is not the biggest, neither with fancy facilities. But there is something unique and very important to us, which is people, the teachers and president. They are full of passion and very open-minded to accommodate kids and parents from different countries and regions. With their patience and support, my son quickly integrated into the group and made several good friends. Many parents were so kind, they were sharing their tips and knowledge with us, made us feel at home.


Not mentioning the courses and activities the preschool arranged for kids. My son visited many different places in Kraków such as a radio station, a police station, and countless theatres and museums. He always could not wait sharing with us the new things he had discovered in the day time. Surprisingly, he also liked swimming very much, and told me he was the fastest kid in the class, which I still strongly doubt.


After 18 months, my assignment was finished last year. If you ask me what’s the most unforgettable thing in Kraków, I will definitely tell you it’s Rainbow and people I met there.


Really appreciate their help and support to let us have beautiful memories from Kraków.




Chien-Pang Yang & Ching-Wen Ko